Ringnes Eventyrbrus

This is a concept for re-branding of the classic Ringnes Eventyrbrus. The concept consists of small and big bottles, cans, and packaging for 4 small bottles. The big bottles is Ringnes’ standard bottles, while the small bottles were chosen based on the ergonomics (small radius and grip for a small childrens hands) and exposure area (cylinder formed). The tall and narrow cans also give a good exposure area for the label.

The face on the front of the bottle and the back of the head on the backside of the bottle, gives a three-dimensional feel that gives it more appeal for playing with it. Under the back of the head, a short excerpt from the fairy tale is written to make you identify with the character on the bottle. The handwritten font and wordplay attributes to a simple and playful impression.

The Packaging: The box is designed to create a world around the four characters in the story. It is custom designed based on this assignment, making it an easy transition from closed to open solution. When closed, it is a sturdy box with separators that keep all the bottles firmly standing. In stores, the box will be held together by a strap that is linked through each corner of the box. When this strap is removed, the box opens in one esthetic movement, and the separators become the mountains in the fairy tale landscape. In this particular landscape you find Askeladdens cabin, the Princess’ tower, the Kings castle and the Trolls cave.
The Game: The cork-tops on the bottles also work as game pieces, that have to make it over the lake to the other side, without being pushed into the ocean by an opposing player. The packaging with the game, including the bottles, tells the story about these four characters using games and fun, instead of a long book story. Through character building the target group will get attached to the characters, and will want the next series with new bottles and new stories.

Projetc: Westerdals School of Communication

Year: 2009

Role: Student

Eventyrbrus_01 Eventyrbrus_02 Eventyrbrus_02b Eventyrbrus_03 Eventyrbrus_04 Eventyrbrus_05 Eventyrbrus_06 Eventyrbrus_07 Eventyrbrus_08 Eventyrbrus_09 Eventyrbrus_10 Eventyrbrus_11 Eventyrbrus_12 Eventyrbrus_13 Eventyrbrus_14 Eventyrbrus_15 Eventyrbrus_16 Eventyrbrus_17 Eventyrbrus_18 Eventyrbrus_19 Eventyrbrus_20

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